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Do you ever feel sick, run down, depressed, in pain, and you can't figure out why? If so, what are you doing about it?

Some people spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in doctor’s offices trying to find answers to their ailments, only to end up frustrated and discouraged when even the best medical testing methods cannot determine the root cause of their symptoms. 

What if there was a self-diagnostic tool that is more accurate than Ultrasound, MRI, or CT Scans, that you can perform on yourself, in the privacy of your own home in less than 15 minutes. And what if you could print out a detailed report on your specific ailments, targeting the root causes, review that report with your health practitioner and apply an immediate response therapy? Well now you can! 

Introducing the SOLEX AO SCANNER!

The SOLEX AO Scanner is a hand-held, noninvasive, bioresonance device that scans and evaluates the entire body’s natural magnetic field frequencies to detect abnormalities in cells, tissues, organs, and even skeletal functions. Disturbances in these frequencies is often a key indicator of distress and/or disease. When abnormalities are discovered, the SOLEX AO Scanner resets the body’s natural frequencies to promote optimal health and help prevent disease from manifesting. 


It is especially important to remember that AO scanning is using frequencies and NOT chemistry or electricity. This makes it perfectly safe to use with pacemakers, transplants, children and or pregnancy. The results from a scan equate to a frequency reading or exposure to frequencies, not a diagnosis of event.

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How Effective Is the SOLEX AO Scanner?

"The future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."
Albert Einstein


Most clients say that they can feel the difference immediately! Typical comments are; an overall sense of wellness, feeling rejuvenated and energized. Not only will the SOLEX AO Scanner provide you with an accurate assessment of the imbalanced frequencies in your body, it will also provide you with an immediate optimization treatment, as well as an on-going comprehensive plan of action to maintain optimal functioning of your physical and emotional needs.


When this technology was compared with conventional diagnostic methods of Ultrasound, CT-Scan and MRI, the SOLEX AO Comprehensive Scan showed to be far more accurate:


What Does The SOLEX AO Scanner Scan For?

The goal of the SOLEX AO Scanner is to identify frequencies that have begun to vibrate incorrectly. Once identified, the Scanner then optimizes those frequencies by bringing them back to their known correct frequencies. This process is referred to as "optimization".

Everything gives off its own frequency, whether healthy or unhealthy, or even missing. When scanning a missing limb or organ; the scan results will reveal how the body is handling or dealing with that missing limb or organ.

There are currently five different scan options and three additional options in development.


(Similar to different levels of blood testing):

Scans can be run on all of the following:

Allergen Sensitivities, Amino Acids, Bacterial Diseases, Basic Physical, Blood Lipids and Blood Lip and Apolipo Proteins, Blood Abnormalities, Body Reproductive System, Bone and Muscle Condition, Bone Growth Index, Bone Mineral Density/Disease, Brain Nerve, Cardiovascular/Cerebrovascular, CBC Report, Chinese Meridians Standard, Chinese Meridians Extraordinary, Chakras, Collagen Index, Digestive Enzymes, Endocrine Glands, Eye Health, Fatty Acids/Omega 3, Fatty Acids/Omega 6, Fatty Acids, Fungus/Mold, Gastrointestinal Function, Genetics, Hormones – Moods/Sex/Stress/Sleep, Human Toxins, Immune System, Inflammation/Oxidation, Kidney Function, Liver & Gall Bladder Function, Lung Function, Microminerals, Microminerals, Minerals/Heavy Metals, Molds, Pancreas – Beta Cell, Pancreas Glycemic Control, Parasites, Skin Index, Thyroid Function, Viruses, Vitamins/Coenzymes.


(encompassing the organs of the body):
Scans can be run on all of the following:

All Arteries of the body, Body Parts (Ears, Eyes, all of the muscles of the body), All Connective Tissues of the body, Organs (Heart, Lungs, Adrenals, Base Ganglia, Organs in the Neck, Brain Sagittal, Cerebral Cortex Functional, Meninges, Digestion, Blood Cells, Human Cell, Kidneys, Liver, Reproductive, Pancreas, Rectum, Skin, Small Intestine, Rectum and Large Intestine, Teeth, Thyroid, Urinary), All of the Nerves of the body, Skeleton – all the bones of the body, All the Veins of the body.

The numbers seen on the comprehensive scan results range from 1 through 9.  

When you see:

> 1-3 this represents sluggish or areas not functioning well with 1 being the worst.

>  7-9 represents stressed or areas being over worked with 9 being the worst.

>  4-6 represents an optimum position to be in with 5 being balanced.


Optimizing after a Vital or Comprehensive scan is providing a frequency that has been created for the individual or profiled person for a condition that was just scanned based on a situation that is found out of tune.

3. INNER-VOICE - (Intuitive Electronic Voice Analyzer) 

Analyzes an individual's voice to isolate specific imbalances or disruptions in the voice tone, pitch and pattern. The Inner-Voice scan takes the physical and the emotional and joins them together into harmony by balancing out the incorrect or unhealthy frequencies with the correct frequencies.


The Inner-Voice scan will collect 4 tones from a 10 second exposure to an individual’s voice.

> 1-3 are the top “overcompensated for” emotions.

> 4 is the most suppressed and believed to be the most important to pay attention to.

Stated plainly, The INNER-VOICE SCAN diminishes frequencies that are in excess and supplements frequencies that we lack. INNER-Voice helps harmonize our everyday life by improving: Concentration, Creativity, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Interpersonal Relationships.


4. SEFI - (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter)
The SEFI program works through energetic transmission, broadcasting information from one point to another without any physical connection. This has been called several names over the years, i.e.: Radionics, Zero Point Energy, Telepathy etc. At first, this sounds incredible or unbelievable, but in fact, it is commonly being used every day by almost every person. If you operate a cell phone, you are quite literally participating in this technology. The SEFI simply converts a message into an algorithm which is then converted into a frequency oscillation that is then digitally broadcasted to a specific target, i.e.: sugar pills, tincture, personal item or even to a person in another location. It is a “scalar energy” zero point generator – one of the most powerful on the market. It uses subtle waves of energy to reprogram the patterns of disharmony in your life. The results are truly remarkable.

5. QUICK SCAN – Gives recommendations for what Chromatherapy we need to start our day with as well as the top four recommended supplements needed for the day based on your unique scan.

6. DENTAL SCAN - In development.

7. VETERINARY SCAN - (Animal scans) In development.


For more information please take 2 minutes to watch this informative video. Below will be additional information on options and costs. 

Options & Costs

Commercial grade SOLEX Digital Body Analyzer machines you would find in a medical practitioner's office can cost between $40,000 and $70,000, depending on functionality options. However, the SOLEX MOBILE AO SCANNER is available to everyone for a fraction of that cost. Choose the option that's right for you. 


There are two ways you can take advantage of the many benefits the SOLEX AO SCANNER offers.


Every scan session scans over 3,000 items in your body, referencing over 80,000 points, and analyzing over 250,000 pieces of data to locate and identify any abnormalities (incorrect frequencies) associated with illness or disease. The points are then queried 15 different ways to confirm their accuracy.


Once confirmed, the AO SCANNER then corrects the abnormal frequencies by sending normal frequencies back into the body, bringing the imbalances into balance. This phase takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

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heart 1.jpg

The final stage of the scan is the comprehensive analysis. This analysis utilizes the SOLEX SCANNER database, an encyclopedia that provides us with information on how certain issues can affect different parts of the body. Comprehensive analysis allows us to pinpoint exactly where your previously discovered challenges are in your body and how they are impacting your glands, organs, tissues, and systems. By testing each of your results against a pre-recorded counterpart in the database, the system can then create a specific frequency optimization to correct those challenges.

Once the frequency optimization is complete, a 24-page report is produced. This report divides 650+ areas of our health into 47 categories including environmental and food allergies, bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases, heavy metals, genetic problems, hormonal problems, GI problems, eye health, kidney function, and reproductive function. The report consists of two scans side by side: your original scan and the scan after your frequency optimization. This is done to show which areas improved and which areas still require attention. The report also specifically looks into amino acids, vitamins, minerals, parasitic load, and collagen index; this information helps to determine the correct nutraceuticals that are needed to bring the body back into balance.

The cost of a single scanning session is only $99.


As a special introduction to the SOLEX AO SCANNER, your first scan session is free. Afterwards, if you believe that additional sessions will be beneficial to your health and well being, you can always schedule additional scanning sessions as often as you like. With one session every month you will notice differences in how your body responds to correct frequencies. For issues that require more attention, one comprehensive scan each week would better monitor your progress. For more intense issues, one scanning session every day will show the amazing impact each scan is having on your glands, organs, tissues, and other bodily systems in real time.


To schedule a personal scanning session, or for more information, call 760.583.9072 today.


At $99 each, individual scanning sessions could end up costing a lot of money in a short amount of time. For that reason, you might consider purchasing your own SOLEX AO MOBILE SCANNER.


​Many reasons;

1.  You want immediate access to information about what is going on in your body in real time, any time. And you want the ability to identify and correct any abnormalities in your body's natural magnetic field by simply introducing and optimizing your correct frequencies – within minutes – at home, every day – as often as you like. Watch the scans & your health improve.

AO Scan Mobile.webp

2.  You want this technology to improve not only your own health and/or that, but the health and well being of your friends and family. The SOLEX MOBILE SCANNER lets you scan as many people as you want, as often as your want, and email and extensive, color report to yourself and those your scan. AND, the people you scan do not have to be with you during the scan. A single scanning session can be performed on individuals through any smart phone or tablet device, across town or across the globe. The SOLEX AO MOBILE SCANNER is truly a breakthrough in modern, sophisticated technology, yet it can be fully operated by any novice or healthcare practitioner in just 15 minutes.

3.  You are a health & wellness conscious person who simply loves helping others put their health into their own hands by sharing this proven healing modality. As an owner of a SOLEX MOBILE AO SCANNER, you can preform as many scanning sessions, on as many people as you want. You can set your own scan session pricing, or not charge anything at all. 


4.  Earn income two ways. If you have the desire to increase your income by sharing something that you believe in, charging people for single scanning sessions is one way to do that. SOLEX offers another way to earn income though, and that is by selling the AO MOBILE SCANNERS and their entire line of scanning devices to healthcare professionals.

Cost of Ownership

The retail cost of a SOLEX AO MOBILE SCANNER is $795 .

For a limited time, SOLEX is offering a special introductory price of just $495.

  • There is a one time, non-refundable fee of $49 to become a SOLEX Quantum Living Advocate. 

  • A monthly subscription fee of $149. Covers:

  • Global license to use AO Scan anywhere in the world.

  • Unlimited scans, unlimited technology updates.

  • Program maintenance.

  • High speed voice, text, and data.

  • Compensation for any sales linked to you.

For more information about everything outlined on this page, please contact the person who sent you this link, or call 760-583-9072.

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